Countdown to PaxEast 2015 – 3 days!


We are getting ready for PaxEast 2015!

It has become an annual event for me to share a list of Pax/Game related things that have come into my world since the last time I went to Pax.

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Countdown to PaxEast – flashback!


I had some issues with posting a draft from the road so you all missed out on my last PaxEast countdown game.  Let’s return to the fun…I give you one more chance to learn about a game I started playing since 2013 PaxEast.  This time, it comes with a Pax story!

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Countdown to PaxEast 2014 – 2 Days!


Almost there!  In Two days I will be entering the shiny glory that is PaxEast.   It is hard to believe it has been only a year since I was last there!  Here is another game that came my way since then that I would like to share!


I love my XBox360 and our gold account.  They have been giving games away for free to gold members for a while now and when it appeared I scooped up Civilization Revolution.  If you have ever been a fan of the Civ games and their hypnotic “next turn” button and like console games then this is for you.

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Countdown to PaxEast 2014 – Day 3

In Three magical days I will at PaxEast 2014!   Friends, fun and nerdity will abound.  While I may be busy until then (Basketball champs making everyone crazy at my job and my awesome husband having a birthday) I do have time to fill you in on another game that came my way since last PaxEast.  In the spirit of gaming (since that is what Pax is all about) I present countdown game #3 – Banished!

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Countdown to PaxEast 2014 – Day 4

In Four days I will be at PaxEast 2014!  Here is another game that came my way since last PaxEast!

So, in 2013 we played a round of Forbidden Island live and in person on the gaming floor of PaxEast.  I had already heard a lot about it and I was not disappointed.  Strategy mixed with luck to produce a fast paced game.  You are trying to collect cards that will allow you to “get” treasures and fly off the island all before it sinks.  Fun, even for kids.

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Countdown to PaxEast 2014 – Day 5

Sadly, a week from now we will be starting the last day of PaxEast 2014.  I would rather not think about that so let’s move on to the countdown!  Here is another game that has joined my life since last Pax…

For a while now, Adam and I have been wanting to buy Dominion and we finally did – for our friends as a holiday gift.  As fate would have it our family gave it to us as a gift for the same holiday season too!

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Countdown to PaxEast 2014 – Day 6


So, there was a small responsibility I had yesterday (final four on my mostly residential campus) so I fell behind already.  Right back on the road to Pax East – here is the “six days to…” post you have been waiting for.

As a zombie lover, I fell for Plants versus Zombies way back when you could throw butter on the quarterback’s head.  Incidentally, PvZ costumed characters are all over Pax East.  When they released (again free from amazon) Plants Versus Zombies 2 I downloaded it immediately.

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