2016 in Pictures

It is that time of year again…you know…where I post a picture for every month to celebrate some things I liked about this past year. There were some good times in 2016 too. Click on a photo to make them larger! Thanks for being a part of my year!   Advertisements Continue reading 2016 in Pictures


To Do Every Day

So, my friend Alex posted this article from a guy who made a “to do every day” list.  Not a task-y list of specific chores or work duties to accomplish, but instead a list of stuff that is so important to you that you do all of it every day.  Then two of my friends made lists like that – you can find them here and here.  I commented that I would make one too.

It was hard to make this list.  I wasn’t sure any two days could be similar enough for me to have a list that was more than one item.  In the end I took my time, but I did it.  Here they are:

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