2017 in Pictures

Here we are at the close of another year and I once again present you with my 12 months in pictures. Click on them to make them larger. Even if you don’t see your face here, know you made your mark on my year – thank you!!!   Advertisements Continue reading 2017 in Pictures


2016 in Pictures

It is that time of year again…you know…where I post a picture for every month to celebrate some things I liked about this past year. There were some good times in 2016 too. Click on a photo to make them larger! Thanks for being a part of my year!   Continue reading 2016 in Pictures


2015 in pictures

Happy New Year! Hard to believe it is the fifth anniversary of this annual post.  I hope you enjoy the pics, I definitely enjoyed the year. Here’s to more awesome times ahead. Click photos to embiggen.   Advertisements Continue reading 2015 in pictures


2014 in Pictures

For the fourth year in a row I present my year in pictures.  Thanks to all and I hope you have a great 2015!   Continue reading “2014 in Pictures”


To Do Every Day

So, my friend Alex posted this article from a guy who made a “to do every day” list.  Not a task-y list of specific chores or work duties to accomplish, but instead a list of stuff that is so important to you that you do all of it every day.  Then two of my friends made lists like that – you can find them here and here.  I commented that I would make one too.

It was hard to make this list.  I wasn’t sure any two days could be similar enough for me to have a list that was more than one item.  In the end I took my time, but I did it.  Here they are:

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