Me (and thus what you will find me writing about):

I am a woman.  I am a geek.  A daughter, a sister, a friend, a cat owner and a wife.  I get paid to help college students navigate the ups and downs of living on campus while chasing the opportunities of higher education and as a bonus I learn a lot from them.  I work hard for the students and the other people who have dedicated their time to working for them.

I watch a lot of TV and movies, I even worked in a movie theatre once.  My favorites tend to come from scifi and fantasy but I love history, documentaries and a good butt kicking kung-fu movie.

I have always loved games.  From the stacks of board games I accumulated as a kid to the tower defense apps on my iPad, I cannot get enough.  I try new ones all the time and revisit favorites as often as I can.  I even play D&D now (4e).

I am married to my best friend and we strive to do as much together (along with other people that we love) as possible.  We have started taking anniversary summer vacations to places that I never thought I would go (so far:  New Orleans, Paris, Montreal, Quebec, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen).  We are never afraid to jump in the car for small trips too, so no location is too small or too weird…actually that often makes  them more appealing.

I get a chance to do some hands on hobbies too. I like to write and to take photographs. That has led me to scrapbook and I enjoy all of the many iterations of that craft. We garden sometimes and have just bought a house that needs decorating and organizing.

I am inspired by how wonderfully kind, compassionate and empathetic my fellow humans can be.   I also strive to learn from what we do in our worst moments.

I am steeped in a wonderful life of abundance of love and opportunities, and get even more joy from giving to others.  Sometimes that means donations of time and money to charitable causes, but more than that it means sharing experiences and spreading some happiness to others.

The blog:

“I geekily go” will give me a chance to share  all the adventures I embark on with family and friends. I already dream up, plan out, navigate through, and reminisce about them so now I will share that with you.  I hope you get something out of it – maybe inspiration to embark on some adventures of your own.  I enjoy capturing these with pictures, so there will be lots of those too.  I really am just a loved and lucky geek gal making the best out of the bit of life I am given, hoping that others will do the same.  You are worthy of great things, large and small.  Do them now!


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