Countdown to PaxEast 2015 – 1 day!

We are getting ready for PaxEast 2015!

It has become an annual event for me to share a list of Pax/Game related things that have come into my world since the last time I went to Pax.  We leave tonight and begin our Paxperiences tomorrow.

On my last update I would like to introduce you to pin trading!

Some of you might already know about Disney pin trading but did you know that the pax powers that be created a Pinny Arcade pin trading tradition of their own?

Just like Disney, there are several ways to acquire pins (buy some, watch some demos) but in the end the idea is to trade with other pin lovers in order to get the set(s) you want.  I bought in on the inaugural year and really didn’t trade much as it was new to all.  Last year I did trade a bit and I plan on continuing to do it face to face at PaxEast 2015.  I also learned about an online trading community, Pinny Pals, that can help me (and I can help them) get our pin fixes out of the convention seasons.  It also serves as a resource that lets me know what pins are out there and their relative rarity.  Fun and collecty – just the way this nerd likes it!



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