Countdown to PaxEast 2015 – 2 days!

We are getting ready for PaxEast 2015!

It has become an annual event for me to share a list of Pax/Game related things that have come into my world since the last time I went to Pax.

Two days to Pax East and I present another awesome game I have added to my life, Lords of Waterdeep!

Lords of Waterdeep is a acquisition game where you play as a lord of the fictional Forgotten Realms city of Waterdeep. Within this D&D world your goal is to earn the most victory points by the end of eight rounds. You build a pool of adventurers to help you complete quests and get those points. To make things difficult there are finite ways of building your pool of adventurers and you must race your fellow lords to get to the acquisition spots you want. Less like dungeon explore, more like city intrigue.

Strategy is key and while some of your goals are public knowledge – some are not. Guard your secrets and build up your points. It may take playing once through in order to really get it, there are a lot of little pieces and it comes with lots of instructions. One of my favorite aspects of this game is that it can be played by as few as two people.

Give it a chance, I really enjoyed it and I didn’t even win!



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