Countdown to PaxEast 2015 – 4 days


We are getting ready for PaxEast 2015!

It has become an annual event for me to share a list of Pax/Game related things that have come into my world since the last time I went to Pax.

Four days to Pax East!

My second installment focuses on a new version of an old classic, the Sims.  I have been a fan of the play-god simulation game since it’s initial release in 2000.  Basic pixel people doing mostly regular life things hardly seems like it would make a game, but it did and I fell for it.  It was like an animated digital doll house.

Amazingly, the game never lost my interest.  The beauty of it is in its simplicity.  All they had to do was keep making it better looking, faster running and add a new detail every once in a while, which they did.

Enter the Sims 4.

Sims 4

Ridiculously nice to look at and with a level of customization they have never provided.  If you liked any of the other iterations you will undoubtedly like this one.  The AI is much improved and your sims will do a lot without you (for better or worse).  No surprise that I enjoy the game play, but I was surprised at how much I liked that the video requirements did not force my laptop to shut down the game.  Good improvement.


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